Bubble In Search Of A Pin

BUBBLE IN SEARCH OF A PIN pic.twitter.com/m35mdyoQO3 — OW (@OccupyWisdom) May 23, 2018 The Massive Success Of The #ECB Quantitative Easing: ECB balance sheet vs Eurozone Economic Surprise Index#EscapeFromTheCentralBankTrap pic.twitter.com/PEuHTi03mi … Read more

The press, the intelligence community, and the Democrats have all gone off the deep end in search of a Russia connection that doesn’t exist. They misled their readers, they made fools of themselves, and they committed a crime against journalism. And now they’re trying to dodge the blame.

Making Excuses for Russiagate The best evidence that Russia-gate is sinking beneath the waves is the way those pushing the pseudo-scandal are now busily covering their tracks.  The Guardian complains that “as the … Read more