The Fed’s QE Unwind Reaches $285 Billion

Wolf Richter, The “up to” begins to matter for the first time. The Fed released its weekly balance sheet Thursday afternoon. Over the four-week period from September 6 through October

The Fed’s QE Unwind Hits $250 Billion

Wolf Richter, Here’s my math when this “balance sheet normalization” will end. In August, the Federal Reserve was supposed to shed up to $24 billion in Treasury securities

Update on the Fed’s QE Unwind

Wolf Richter, Just as the Fed created money to buy Treasuries and MBS during QE, it now destroys money as these securities “roll off” the balance sheet. It

Fed’s QE Unwind Accelerates Sharply

Wolf Richter, These are getting to be serious amounts. The QE Unwind is ramping up toward cruising speed. The Fed’s balance sheetfor the week ending May 2, released this