The Great Myth of the Anti-War Left Exposed: For the last century, virtually every war, invasion, and occupation has been given the stamp of approval by Democrats. It’s clear that politicians of all stripes have blood on their hands.

by axolotl_peyotl This article argues that there is a pernicious and pervasive myth that the “left” is “anti-war” when in fact they are just as hawkish and genocidal as the … Read more

Media Virtually Silent on Pro Gun Rally That Drew THOUSANDS Media Virtually Silent on Pro-Gun Rally That Drew THOUSANDS………

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This One Of The Most Overbought Markets In History, Virtually Everyone Is Long The Market… Danger Ahead!

ONE OF THE MOST OVERBOUGHT MARKETS IN HISTORY Out of 30,914 trading days, that’s good for top 10 all-time. Americans have more debt than ever — and … Read more