Ted Day! Spread Between 3M Libor And 3M Treasury Yield Rising Fast (Recession Alert!)

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by confoundedinterest17

Its Ted Day!

TED refers to the difference between the three-month Treasury bill and the three-month LIBOR based in U.S. dollars, a measure of fear in the market.

The 3-month TED spread is rising awfully fast. A sign of impending recession.

US bank credit default swaps (CDS) are rising fast as inflation gets ugly.

The US Treasury 10Y-3M curve is bumping against the zero barrier.

I am still shaking my head at President Biden chastising gasoline stations for not lowering prices at the pump when refiners are near full capacity and the Biden Administration is doing nothing to increase the supply of US-source non-green energy.

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But what the heck. It’s Ted Day!



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