Terrorist Murderer of Soldier Lee Rigby Demand Compensation Money

by Mark Angelides

Four years ago, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale shocked the world when in broad daylight and on a busy street in South East London attacked and beheaded Fusilier Lee Rigby (then 25 years old). They hacked off his head and recorded a sick diatribe at the scene with blood on themselves and on the street with the body lying on the floor.  And now Adebolajo is seeking compensation from the British government because he feels distressed in jail.
The pair were, of course, Islamic converts who attended the same Mosque as Mohammed Emwazi, aka “Jihadi John,” made “famous” by his beheading videos. The Mosque in question being the Greenwich Mosque, which advertises itself as “The largest and most diverse mosque in South East London.” One of the Mosques stated aims is to: “Educate young children to prepare them for the future to preserve and practice Islam in their daily lives.” So at least three terrorists, how’s that for preparing young children?
Adebalajo is an insane fanatic. He received an injury to his front teeth after confronting prison guards violently. Please not that he does not say that they hit him, but rather restrained him “too forcefully.” He claims that he has been left with a “psychiatric injury” and wants compensation of £100,000.
It is clearly inarguable that Adebalajo has some kind of “psychiatric injury”, but that had nothing to do with his time in prison. Beheading a British soldier on the streets of London is a sign of some kind of psychiatric issue…He’s mad.
A formal writ has been sent to London courts that according to the Daily Mail states that:
“It claims that while Adebolajo was being escorted back to his cell after a phone call he dropped his hands from his head and spun round to confront officers.
He warned staff to ‘watch themselves’ and asked ‘Allah to strike down his oppressors’.
The killer claims he was ‘verbally abused’ before he was smashed into bars of his cell windows.
He also claimed officers twisted his left arm and that he was ‘stamped on’ in an ‘unreasonable, unjustified and excessive’ assault.”
Apparently, the Crown Prosecution Service has already looked into charges against the five officers and deemed that they did nothing wrong.
What is wrong with a system that allows convicted murderers and terrorists to claim money from the government (and of course the taxpayer)? And if you think he is paying for the lawyers out of his own pocket, think again. All these court actions are, of course, being paid for by the British taxpayer through legal aid.
In almost no case in history has there been more compelling and convincing evidence of guilt. He was on a busy street, filming the whole episode, and even spoke with passersby. A proper justice system would exact ACTUAL justice for this crime. At least we wouldn’t be wasting taxpayer’s money on housing, feeding, and law fees for the rest of his miserable, pathetic life.

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