Tesla added $140 billion in mkt cap on $2 billion extra revenue! Absurd.

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by Historical_Job_8609

Tesla literally beat analysts estimates by some 40,000 cars in 4Q. The average sale price around $50,000. And it puts on $140 trillion in a day.

Thats just plain stupid. This bull market is in the final throws of madness. Musk sells a few shares to pay taxes on options it’s sheds $300 billion. It’s sells a few extra cars in the qtr. that VW might sell in a.day and it puts on VW’s mkt cap.

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Massive half a million US car recall (on top of quarter million in China) and it does nothing. Musk getting stoned and talking of roaring 20’s. Don’t sell volatility he could be talking about the 1920’s.


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