Tesla Stock Just Went Over the Moon

by Chris Black

Clown-world economy is at it again.

How has the share price of TSLA not already priced in 100 years of growth? There is upside potential?

Tesla is now worth more than the rest of the global auto industry combined. Despite selling fewer cars per year and at less profit per unit than Ford sells of one truck.

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In 2018 there were 86 million cars sold globally. Tesla sold less than 1% of those vehicles and lost money on every unit sold. Only making a sliver of a profit off government subsidies, carbon credits, and accounting shenanigans.

If Ford only sold the F-150 and was worth $1 trillion, people would die laughing. Based on financials, a $1 trillion Ford with only the F-150 makes more sense than Tesla at that level.

The only auto industry in death throes is the electric car industry. It is 100% unsustainable. There isn’t enough power generation globally if 5% of all automobiles switch to electric, let alone the 40% forecast by 2026. 

The share price of Tesla has nothing to do with selling cars. If it did, the shares would be worth $20. At $950 billion, Tesla needs to sell close to 80 million cars per year to justify that valuation.


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