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So Trump is an underdog, a very-underdog! This will make it so much more sweet when he wins!

British gambler bets $5 million on Trump in biggest-ever political wager

BYRON YORK: Yes, there is a hidden Trump vote.

A man who came to President Trump’s giant rally at a local airport Saturday night said he knew someone who planned to vote for Trump but felt too intimidated to say so publicly. I asked who it was. It was his mother, he answered, but she would kill him if she found out that he told anyone.

“There are a lot of people who are too afraid to put up a sign [for Trump],” he said, explaining that his neighborhood, more than an hour away, was mixed between Trump and Biden voters, and black and white voters. During the protests that followed the death of George Floyd, he said, “I pulled the Trump magnet off my Jeep. Everybody took their signs down. People don’t want to be a target.”

At some pro-Trump events around Pennsylvania in the last week — the president’s event, a big road rally that stretched over three states, a small event for Trump volunteers and activists featuring Ivanka Trump, and in other conversations — a large number of people who openly support Trump said they knew someone personally who would vote for the president but would not publicly acknowledge doing so.

They pointed to the most difficult question of the campaign — how to measure the true number of people who will vote for the president? The phenomenon of so-called shy Trump voters is without any doubt real, but how big is it?

We will soon know.


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