Wife of Judge Bork breaks silence: Joe Biden ‘is not somebody that would make a good president’

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ANALYSIS: TRUE. Biden Family Corruption Does Matter. “Their doubts about Biden are rising as they learn more about corruption scandals surrounding Joe’s son Hunter and brother, Jim. The conventional wisdom — on both right and left, among political strategists in both parties — is that voters care much more about the economy and COVID-19. That’s correct. They do, and the polls show it. But that doesn’t mean the scandals are irrelevant. They matter politically for several reasons, all of them bad for Joe Biden.”

ON FIRE: Rubio Rallies Florida Latinos Against Socialism, Mocks Biden, Triggers AOC.

Are we witnessing the birth of Rubio 2.0?

TRUNALIMUNUMAPRZURE! Trump presents Biden’s greatest hits (video).

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