The Absolute State of Weimerica

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by Chris Black

Police huddle in safety decked out in body armor and high tech weaponry as a maniac systematically slaughters a classroom full of children at Uvalde.

But they fly into action when patriots assemble to peaceably protest against tranny groomers.

The state of police in America 2022.

Leftist blogger who draws a salary from the CIA (Bellingcat) summarizes the situation accurately: Antifas who firebomb a police car full of people get away with it, but nationalists who peacefully demonstrate are jailed.

The mass arrest of Patriot Front and the various preachers nearby is a travesty against the First Amendment.

The only thing they want is to interfere with free speech and free assembly.

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The intensification of state oppression against nationalists is driven by three factors:

1) An economic recession is right over the horizon. White people only tolerate anti-white policies because of fear of job loss if you say what you really think. The system knows we are the only ones positioned to lead a genuine political backlash against the “Great Awokening.”

The next capitalist global crisis will once again be finance-related, and we all know (((who))) is behind that.

2) The US system is globally weaker and rapidly losing prestige in the face of challenges from Russia and China. This means our living standards are going to be permanently lowered no matter what,while our elites become more and more isolated and scared.

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3) The Ben Shapiro right is preparing to vacuum all of the angry white people and create a new Ron DeSantis conservatism with them.  Their success will be limited as long as we exist.

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