The ARKK Fund is Just Bankrupt MEME Stocks.

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by Chris Black

In the last ten years you could have used a dartboard to pick twenty stocks and had a winning fund.

Roblox is the prime example of absolute idiocy. It was a free game kids used as a chat room, billed as the next Facebook but in game form.

Kids were already abandoning the game by the millions before they went public, which was actually just a last gasp pay-out for the early investors.

My kid hasn’t touched Roblox in over a year and neither has any of his friends. They all moved to RecRoom. It’s essentially the same game as Roblox.

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Rinse and repeat.

I’m still up for putting all the billionaires in a room, and the one that makes it out alive gets to be world leader.

At least at that point they earned it.

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