The Baby Chemical Corn Syrup Juice Shortage is Actually Real

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by Chris Black

There actually is a baby formula shortage. This is not just some Republican talking point.

Babies could die because they don’t have their corn syrup/soy/seed oil juice.

The actual cause of the shortage is a breakdown of the global supply chain, which is the result of the coronavirus hoax and the Ukraine hoax, but right now probably more so a result of China ceasing to cooperate with the supply line system. I don’t know if baby formula is specifically made in China, but based on what I know about boxed foods in general, I would assume that much of it is made in various factories inside America with various ingredients shipped as powders from China.

(I suspect most of the corn syrup, soy, and seed oil is not Chinese, but formula contains a vast array of artificially produced nutrients designed to mimic the nutrients in human tit milk, and most of those come from China.)

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Even if that is not the case, however, when a supply chain breaks down, it’s not just one product – this is a whole complex interlinking system, so a breakdown in one food product’s chain can affect another.

Maybe the US shouldn’t be threatening China with war when China produces all of these products the US population needs for survival?


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