The Bears Don’t Take The Stairs

It took 19 months (6/16-2/18) for the #SP500 to gain 44% and less than two weeks to lose nearly 10%


It took the SP500 five years (10/02-10/07) for the SP500 to gain 100% and only 18 months (10/07-03/09) to give it all back (and more).

h/t @OccupyWisdom


Suppress>flatten>invert>collapse>rescission REPEAT

Danielle Dimartino Booth on the $240 Trillion Global Debt Bomb


Danielle Dimartino Booth explain’s the $240 Trillion global debt that includes emerging markets and rising interest rates on that debt.


Insane Junk Bond Bubble: Riskiest Bond Class Now Yields Under 10%

“The market is in total denial and happily chasing yield and taking on more risks.”