The best Nancy Pelosi Meltdown video I’ve ever seen and is destroyed by Democratic Progressive comedian Jimmy Dore

Pelosi is going to be the GOP MVP again. I’m telling you that I believe Republicans will take over the House. Just watch this awesome video and how Progressive Democrat Jimmy Dore destroys Pelosi. Look at the comments on the video on youtube of all the life long Democrats who are now voting for Trump. I’m telling you man this is going to be a blowout win for Trump, but this video is just awesomeness. I’m talking Democrats are totally tearing into Pelosi. But Jimmy Dore just totally exposes Pelosi for the crackpot she is!

This is another great one! And in the one after he shows Obama has held more children times four at the border than Trump. The Second video on here shows how Obama had Ice arrest three times the people and children than Trump has

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