The Biden Presidency Disaster Continues

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by Chris Black

My  recent point regarding how the sane adults no longer have any power whatsoever in the federal government can be no better exemplified than by the president threatening regime change on the third most powerful country on earth after failing to regime change Belarus and Kazakhstan, largely thanks to Russian involvement on both occasions.

The Russian people overwhelmingly support Putin and the war. It’s so insane that journalists are paid to write fan fiction.

America will lose the new cold war because its Russia and China experts do not provide accurate data.

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People like Kamil Galeev, Julia Ioffe, and Gordon Chang are too blinded by their personal hatred of Russia and China to provide objective information about these countries.

People who try to be objective and give accurate assessments are dogpiled by feminine mobs and run out of academia. They’re labeled traitors, CCP stooges, Kremlin shills etc.

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The end result is that even at the highest levels of the State Department, the people capable of having a sober and detached outlook are usually too scared to be honest or screened out in advance.

If you listen to Galeev, Russia is currently teetering on the edge of collapse and civil war with people rioting in the streets over packets of sugar.  When this all ends up disproven, he will not be held accountable and dismissed, just move on to the next doomsday prediction.

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America could actually have maintained ‘unipolar’ status—-if not indefinitely, then for much longer than it did—-if we had rational people running our country instead of criminally insane idiots.

Maintain and increase the White majority, build up European nationalists as a counter to emerging powers in Asia, simply don’t ship all our jobs and manufacturing to China, dump Israel and make friends with the Muslims for cheap oil, etc.  Instead, they did everything possible in the past 30 years to weaken and destroy the White majorities both in the United States and NATO-occupied Europe.

You knock out the blocks on which your entire power structure is erected—-then gape in disbelief as your whole thing starts toppling over.  Nature inexorably corrects transgressions against her.


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