The Black Swan Event For Stocks Is About To Repeat

by Chris Vermeulen of The Technical Traders

This hybrid article with videos walks you through what and why the markets crashed, what they are starting to do now, and how you can take advantage of this black swan event.

The year has been filled with big broad market swings, sell-offs, and rallies, making people pull their hair out and scream. Only those who don’t understand portfolio risk, position-sizing, and can’t read the charts are in pain this year. Unfortunately, that’s the majority of traders thought.

The video below covers what is happening in the markets this week, today, and what to expect looking forward several weeks, so get ready for some incredible market moves!

With that said this year has been a little slower with our portfolio simply because we focus on steady growth. We don’t ride the stock market rollercoaster, which has everyone stressed out. We see no point in holding positions and dealing with the stress which comes with it when you can sidestep it or better yet, profit from it.

My focus is on our BAN strategy, which stands for “Best Asset Now.” We review 30+ markets, sectors, commodities, and currencies to find the best opportunity with the lowest level of risk. We are not looking for a bunch of volatile trades. Instead, we shoot for a 1-4% return on our entire portfolio a month, which may sound dull but do the math, and you soon realize its tough to beat!

Price swings and volatility are high this year are extreme, which means we pear back the number of trades we make, and reduce position size to protect both our subscribers trading and investing accounts, along with our own.

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This market volatility is attracting new traders to the market like a mosquito to a bug zapper light. We, on the other hand, take the opposite approach and step back to only cherry-pick a few low-risk trades here and there.

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When stocks and commodities are moving 10-92% a day as we have seen recently, it’s not the best time to be risking your hard-earned month because you can do a lot of damage quickly overnight with the way this market had been behaving.

Anyway, if you are looking for a simple, logical trading strategy with ETFs that is hitting new high watermarks for the year with less than a 3% drawdown on the year, then watch this video of my most recent analysis and prediction.

Here are the other two other videos I referenced in the video above: showing the price predictions before they happened.


We called the Black Swan Even late 2019, not knowing what it would be, then on February 21, we warned the black swan event had begun – Read Here.

We also warned of the waterfall sell-off before that on Jan 26 – Read here




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