The change in iPhone prices

via statista:

The unveiling of the iPhone X was the most eagerly anticipated part of Apple’s launch extravaganza yesterday. The new handset made a daring design move in ditching the home button while it now boasts a facial scanner and the ability to make animated emojis. For some fans, the enthusiasm of the event and the enormous hype surrounding the iPhone X will be tampered by the device’s exorbitant price tag.

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The iPhone X will cost between $999 and $1,149 for U.S. users. That makes it the most expensive iPhone to date, costing more than the iPhone 6s and 7 Plus, both of which hit the market at $949 (256GB). Back when the original iPhone was unveiled by Steve Jobs in 2007, the 4GB version of the device cost $499 and the 8GB version cost $599 (both requiring a 2-year contract).

Infographic: How The iPhone's Price Developed  | Statista


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