The Chinese are being herded like cattle taken to the knife…

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Chinese Asked To Report Family Members Showing Coronavirus Signs

The Chinese doctor who sounded the alarm of the coronavirus outbreak has died, as Wuhan officials have begun putting infected residents in isolation at mass quarantine camps.


A Chinese doctor who issued one of the first warnings about the coronavirus outbreak has died from the virus. More than 31,000 people in China are now sick with it. Now the country is trying to build mass quarantine centers, mostly in Wuhan, where the virus first emerged, and officials are asking families to report members who show symptoms so that they can be quarantined. NPR’s Emily Feng is on the line from Beijing. Hi, Emily.


KING: What do you know about these quarantine centers and what they’re going to be like?

FENG: They’re for people with less severe versions of the virus, but they’re essentially gyms, stadiums that a couple hundred beds have been put into. And China needs these because hospitals have totally run out of space. Over the last three days, I’ve talked to close to two dozen people with family who are either seriously ill or have died because they had the virus or otherwise and could not get care.

KING: Are people willing to do what the authorities say and basically report on family members so that they can be quarantined?

FENG: No, but they’re being ordered to do so.


FENG: Yesterday, China’s vice premier said that the city was in a state of war and that residents had to report each other. Cadres should go house to house to do inspections, to make sure people were reporting each other. But, of course, these are quarantine centers. So once you send your family member into this place, you can’t go visit them, and you don’t know when they’re going to get better and when you can see them again.

Is China using Quarantine as a pretext to imprison political enemies?

The Killing Field of China: Anyone with flu or flu-like symptoms is being rounded up and exterminated like the diseased pigs.

This is happening as we speak. Failure to check in and report your health to the authorities will see you whisked away to the death camps. Showing signs of the flu? A little cough? Sniffles? Fever? Whisked away to the death camps.

The slaughter of what the Chinese authorities deem an overgrown herd that it can no longer care for or feed is now in full swing under cover of a virus – one they likely injected into their own people to give pretext to eliminate.

This premeditated genocide will make the killing fields of Cambodia and Pol Pot seem insignificant as tens of millions are eradicated.

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