The Chinese Takeover Is Here! How Chinese Technocrats Are Taking The U.S. Out From Within!

by Josh Sigurdson via World Alternative Media

Josh Sigurdson reports on the takeover by Chinese technocrats in the United States and elsewhere as former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne warns of the takeover from “within.”

This isn’t by conquest, this is by consent. We have been warning about this for many years here at WAM and now we see it on full display. The utilization of a cashless society to make tyranny convenience so that people obey it with open arms.

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The technocratic model of social credit is coming into play today and people are actually celebrating it. Meanwhile, the Chinese Yuan is set to overtake the US dollar and the IDEA represented by the Chinese government is quickly taking over the US system. Will people disobey? Or will people accept this massive transformation under the guise of being able to use their bank account, go to public places, have a job and travel?

Stay tuned as we continue to cover this issue closely!


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