The Coming Coup and a Nation Divided

by Robert Carbery

America seems to be on the brink of something dramatic. Something significant. Perhaps revolutionary. A summer of rage appears more and more likely as the nation remains bitterly divided and irreparably torn due to outlandish partisanship.
The political elite and their good friends in the powerful Deep State are being threatened by the Trump administration that, for all its faults, is at least exposing the Deep Swamp that really runs Washington. The old political order is being upended by Trump’s rise to power and the media elite still haven’t figured out how to adapt.  
During this time of transformation, people across the country are becoming violently upset over the current reality. Politicians and their corporate backers continue to divide the populace in order to consolidate their hold on power. The American people watch as their liberties are taken away and the government grows and grows without debate while we waste our time being angry at the other side. Shouting at them. Even hating them enough to kill.  
But the time of shouting is over. It is time for action. The left are now on its deathbed due to its terrible case of Trump Derangement Syndrome while the Deep State continues its silent coup.
While under such vicious assault, the president has no choice but to aggressively fight back. The Mueller investigation will attempt to pin something on the POTUS as half of the country already assumes he has done something criminal. They will find that he did something wrong by covering something up that wasn’t criminal in order to make their obstruction of justice case. It is only a matter of time.
Unless Trump stops the witch hunt that is the Mueller special counsel investigation.
American liberals are shocked that the right side of this country have not turned on their commander and chief already. They wait for each and every one of these special House elections waiting for some glimmer of hope that the tide is turning only to be disappointed time and time again.  
There are forces working to remove Trump from office. It remains to be seen as to whether the Donald has what it takes to fend them off and remain at the helm. Many don’t think he’ll last long. But he has defied all expectations so far, right?