The Coming Coup and a Nation Divided

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by Robert Carbery

America seems to be on the brink of something dramatic. Something significant. Perhaps revolutionary. A summer of rage appears more and more likely as the nation remains bitterly divided and irreparably torn due to outlandish partisanship.
The political elite and their good friends in the powerful Deep State are being threatened by the Trump administration that, for all its faults, is at least exposing the Deep Swamp that really runs Washington. The old political order is being upended by Trump’s rise to power and the media elite still haven’t figured out how to adapt.  
During this time of transformation, people across the country are becoming violently upset over the current reality. Politicians and their corporate backers continue to divide the populace in order to consolidate their hold on power. The American people watch as their liberties are taken away and the government grows and grows without debate while we waste our time being angry at the other side. Shouting at them. Even hating them enough to kill.  
But the time of shouting is over. It is time for action. The left are now on its deathbed due to its terrible case of Trump Derangement Syndrome while the Deep State continues its silent coup.
While under such vicious assault, the president has no choice but to aggressively fight back. The Mueller investigation will attempt to pin something on the POTUS as half of the country already assumes he has done something criminal. They will find that he did something wrong by covering something up that wasn’t criminal in order to make their obstruction of justice case. It is only a matter of time.
Unless Trump stops the witch hunt that is the Mueller special counsel investigation.
American liberals are shocked that the right side of this country have not turned on their commander and chief already. They wait for each and every one of these special House elections waiting for some glimmer of hope that the tide is turning only to be disappointed time and time again.  
There are forces working to remove Trump from office. It remains to be seen as to whether the Donald has what it takes to fend them off and remain at the helm. Many don’t think he’ll last long. But he has defied all expectations so far, right?

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29 thoughts on “The Coming Coup and a Nation Divided

  1. I’m glad this article said Trump “for all his faults” – he’s far from perfect, but I still enthusiasticallysupport him. Where I staunchly detest his policy is on Syria. His policy on Syria and Putin betrays what his campaign rhetoric led us to believe!!! We have no business in Syria!

    • Trump works for the deep state, which is the JEW STATE (They are all around him, including in his family circle) . I find it amazing people fail to see what is really going on. If jews were Koreans, doing what they do, it would be obvious as heck, and nobody would stand for it. The jews look “white” and pass themselves of as white, so people don’t realize when there are 4 people on tv arguing they are most of the time, all jews, and you are getting a jewish version of reality. When you see Bernie Sanders “grilling” Ben Bernanke over the bailout, you are seeing one jew questioning another jew. THEY TAKE OVER ALL SIDES OF AN ARGUMENT, and INFILTRATE ANY RESISTANCE to them and their global plans. This is why things are not getting better, because people are not aware enough to see the mole or spy in the room. The first thing everyone must do is learn about the jews, and their history, not from jews themselves, but from the 84 countries that have kicked them out 109 times in 2000 years. They kicked them out for a reason!

      • If white people would quit wasting their time worrying about Jews and do what it takes to get into positions of power, like their forefathers did, they would be at the top. Get off your duff and do what it takes. Someone has to run the world and if you don’t like who is doing it, do something that will change it.

        • Understand jews, how they operate, and their banking system is essential for the average person to know about, because unless they do, whatever anyone does is useless and will just get you assassinated.

          • So tell me all about the Jewish banking system. I sincerely doubt you would be posting comments on the net if you were some big time banker or economist or even a prominent CPA. I doubt you even have an American background or know the first thing about politics.

          • Go find out for yourself, it’s not hard. If you don’t know, it means you know nothing, and the first step is understanding that simple fact and admitting it to yourself. Most people can’t get over their own mind lock and propaganda they have been spoon fed their whole life to see the whole story. Most don’t want to know, and prefer their little bubble of lies. It’s entirely up to you how much you want to know.

          • It appears to me that you are the one with a mind lock. I just wanted to know if you actually know anything or if you have fallen for the fascist propaganda going around. Obviously you’ve fallen for the propaganda. The enemies of America are right out there for anyone to see. No need to think they are hiding out. The cop killers, the anti-family Leftists, the terrorists, the SPLC, and more. If a person is not working for the peace and prosperity of the American people, they are on the wrong side. The fascists are right wing socialists, and so they are part of the problem as well because they are on the wrong side.

          • My motto is, if you are getting paid to do what you do, you are on the wrong side. “The cop killers”? ummm many innocent people have been killed by cops for no reason. All those group you mentioned have jewish people running them. You seem to have figured out there is an enemy, but can’t see the forest because the trees are in the way. All this crap we are seeing stems from the Talmud. Go read the protocols of zion and see they told you they were going to do all this. The non jewish gay people/lefties are retarded, because they will be executed once they are no longer needed, same goes for most of the idiots out there choosing either jewish capitalism, or jewish communism. The problem is you have a wolf in the hen house and think you can make the place safe and prosperous without dealing with the wolf. You must be jewish yourself, or a Christian who thinks these are gods chosen people not to see what is going on.

          • I’d like to start calling you names, but I won’t. You are just full of hate for Jews. What a waste of a life you’ve got going there. And apparently you don’t work and sit around stirring up trouble. And, you hate Christians, too. It’s all starting to jell. Another prole doing the low-life thing on the net. Creepy.

          • You know nothing about me. I work, I have a family and I see what is going on. I don’t hate Christians, I can see the ones that think Jews and Israel are awesome, have been brainwashed. The jews don’t even like Christians, they just use them, like they use Muslims. Open your eyes and have a good look will ya!

          • All I know about you is the ridiculous garbage you’ve written right here like: You believe “white” Jews aren’t white…You are scared of the Jewish banking system, but can’t explain why…You think doing anything other than obsessing about Jews will get you assassinated…You think you have special knowledge…And there’s your weird motto “If you are getting paid to do what you do you are on the wrong side”…And you’ve bought into the communist anti-white cop paranoia…(you can get on any commie site like CPUSA or Marxist. org or Black Lives Matter and they will say they are the ones pushing the anti-white garbage, just like in the 1960s)…and you believe the protocols of Zion bull. Communists/socialists of every color are all over the web claiming they are behind the garbage going on in the world and you don’t believe them, but believe some alternative view of reality. The Democratic Party in Washington is filled with socialists, communists and left-wing LGBT, and the deep state is full of them and yet you think the really stupid conspiracy “Protocols” is the cause of the world’s problems. You live in la-la land.

          • You just named all those involved, yet can’t see all the jewish ring leaders? The protocols is over 100 years old, so HISTORY AND TIME have proven them correct. I know how the banking system works. It’s a legal slave system. The bankers OWN the governments as they all went bankrupt in 1933. The banks create money from thin air to buy government bond (IOUs that the people will pay) then demand it all be paid back, PLUS INTEREST…..which is never created and must be borrowed as well, with more interest attached to it and it snowballs out of control until you end up like Greece or Venezuela, and at the end of the road. The lefties are jewish, the righties are jewish, the media, banks, schools, gay leaders, anti-gun advocates, ALL JEWISH. You must be an evangelico to be so blind. If they were eskimos you would see it right away. Here is just ONE picture of many showing the overwhelming % of jews. This one is media. Yeah, its from radio islam, I don’t like musrats either, but it doesn’t make the picture any less truthful.

          • Protestants in Western Europe invented Capitalism and the banking system and modern civilization itself. Modern civilization started around 1450 in parts Europe where Calvinists lived. Eastern European atheists and others invented communism/socialism and it spread to the West. Jews were not big players back when civilization started. Around 1800 only parts of England, America, France, and Germany (very Little of Germany) had anything going which could be called civilization. All of the systems, like the banking system, were invented by Western whites in Protestant countries. All the basic inventions had been invented more than a hundred years ago. Money lending and commerce were done by protestants since at least Calvin. Socialism and communism were around before Karl Marx. Marx couldn’t stand Christians or the success which they had and did his best to try to get rid of them. You are right in that Jews have been on all sides of the issues, but they didn’t invent the modern world. The Jews believe in the importance in becoming involved in politics and governance. You, on the other hand, believe in using the Jews as an excuse to not live a constructive life. You have been taken out of the competition by your wrong headed beliefs.

          • “Eastern European atheists”?-Jews. Bolsheviks-jews….killed over 50 million Christians. Get it?

          • It only took you 5 days to come up with this. For all that, it doesn’t negate anything I’ve said. Karl Marx himself was a Jewish atheist, and totally anti-Christian. And, the man who literally kept Marx and his evil alive was an apostate Christian named F. Engels.

          • You vastly underestimate the jewish role in society because you do not understand the SAYANIM network.

          • You are part of their network. The idiotic conspiracy theory you believe was started in Eastern Europe in order to neutralize people like you.

          • lol……Open your eyes and look around, everything is controlled by jewish companies. You just aren’t going deep enough. Like I said, you must be a jew, or an evangelico to be so blind.

          • See…you see Jews as your enemy. All Jews are your enemy, and all people who do not want to see the destruction of the Jews are also your enemy. So you can’t be of the side of Jews like David Horowitz or Mark Levin or Dennis Prager. And so you can’t be on the side of President Trump, or Rush Limbaugh or Hannity or Ted Cruz. You can’t be on the side of most Christians. So you are on the wrong side of things, and have made yourself useless when it comes to fighting the enemies of the U.S., namely Marxists and Islamists. You and your fellow cultists are out of the loop. All you can do is talk bad about good people because you aren’t on their side. You help your own enemies.

          • I can see that jews control BOTH SIDES. Maybe you haven’t been in this game long enough to see? The people you think are on your side will not go into certain areas. They can rant and rave to a point, to make themselves look good, and sucker in people into following them. They are pied pipers……they say 80-90% truth, but that last bit, the most important part, takes you off path into the direction they want you to go. They are very clever at it. Find out the topics they WON’T go near, and try figure out WHY….thats the key. The real truth they avoid like the plague and just dismiss, they delete entire articles and threads when the truth is actually spoken, rather than counter argue it. When it happens dozens of times you see a pattern. They are only able to go so far in a conversation because they cannot defend the indefensible, and once you are that deep there is nowhere for them to misdirect people. It’s actually funny to watch them squirm.

          • I’m sorry you have such problems. Nothing I say will help. You sound like a communist talking about Christians. You fan your own hatred. Are you an Islamist?

          • Why are you trying to box me in to some sort of group? I can’t stand communists, Corporatism, the Gay and Lesbian transexual movement, bankers, jews, muslims, libtards and stupid moronic republicans, most of which are liberals posing as conservatives. I can’t stand Trump, nor Hillary, nor Bernie, or Christians that think these organ harvesters in Israel are any good, or Antifa, the government or police. I see a lot of confused people that contradict themselves or are hypocrites by aligning themselves with any of these groups. You don’t seem to understand it’s ALL CONTROLLED.

          • You are a misfit. And as I stated before, due to your inability to get along with anybody, you accomplish nothing. And you hate people better than you, and for some reason can’t seem to figure that out. While you are locked in your hatred the world goes on without you and that’s a good thing.

          • Hate people “better than me”. Please define that? Better than me because they have more money and are better organized at running criminal enterprises? You have a strange scale to go by don’t you. Go join your jew friends in metzitzah b’peh .

          • It’s really hard to tell a person they are out of it without telling them in the exact words. You are out in left field with your stupid talk. The political problems in the world have been about Marxism, and particularly Communism for the last hundred plus years. I can recommend a book for you which would explain the whole thing to you. It is “The Naked Communist,” by W. Cleon Skousen. There are reprints available. Other than that, I’m sure you aren’t a reader, and have no real life experiences which could be of help to you, and you have a problem understanding the news. It is amazing you can be in the dark like you are with the internet available to you.

          • I know all that, but you are refusing to see that it is overwhelmingly jewish as communism is judaism! The Talmud spells it out. Why would you think I am in the dark when you can’t even see that communism and judaism are the same thing? The jews in Lithuania turned on their neighbors when the commie jews from russia rolled through town.

          • You do not know all that. Everything you’ve said here indicates you do not know all that. You are no different than a Marxist Socialist, except instead of blaming the Christian middle class, you blame the Jews.
            You are part of the problem. Anyone who knows about Marxism knows Marx himself was a Jew and anyone who reads history knows Jews have been a problem in the West for centuries. But the idea that going against Jews is going to solve the Marxist problem is ridiculous and is anti-Christian. What plans do you have for the Jews? Hmm?

          • “Going against jews is anti-Christian”…..thank you for telling me you are a brainwashed Evangelico. You do realize what the TALMUD says about Jesus Christ don’t you? It says he is boiling in hell in a vat of shit……so think about that, take all the time you need. Here is what your lovely jews think of Christ (brother nat is actually a jew himself, but found Christ and is telling you what they are doing. One of only a handful to ever tell the raw truth) –

          • You hate Jews every bit as much as you say they all hate Christians, so you are no different than they are. I am not in favor of them or you running the world. I am in favor of conservative Americanists getting involved in running the world. The American culture which you and the atheist Jews don’t like is all about being a good citizen and participating in the society around you, and promoting peace and prosperity for the American people. There are traditional American ways of getting ahead in life and the Jews are much better at following those ways for themselves, while telling their competitors not to. And, communist Jews over the years have been destroying much of America, along with their American buddies on the Left. Lenore Weitzman, the communist behind the California no fault divorce laws is one of the insiders destroying the Christian culture in America, and the Jews from the Frankfurt School were some of the others. Your call to hate Jews as a solution to the problem will get you no where because other people don’t want to live in some Eastern European nightmare hell hole like pre-WWII Germany. Your ideas have been tried and have failed for a reason.

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