The Current Agenda on Mass Immigration

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by Mark Angelides

As Britain’s Prime Minister, Theresa May, signs the “notification to leave” the EU, it is worth considering the driving factor behind the Brexit referendum.
Almost all Western nations are having problems with migration and refugees. Governments flail their arms and give up almost any pretenses of trying to enforce proper immigration laws. The world has become porous (as was the plan), borders are next to useless (as was the plan), and democracies are crumbling under the weight (as was the plan).
While it is important to not confuse causation with correlation, it is difficult not to wonder at the mass failures of almost all Western nations to protect their citizens from the inherent problems that come with mass, unchecked immigration.
Let’s take a look at a few recent key elements of the migration fiasco:
Sweden tries to get rid of 5000 migrants. This supposed bastion of “welcome”, has tried (unsuccessfully) to send 5000 of its “refugees” to Hungary; Hungary being the first country the 5000 registered in (they of course would because of its geographical location, and then moved onwards to more generous benefit systems in Sweden and Germany). Hungary has refused to take them back, and Sweden has called upon the U to take Hungary to court for breach of the Dublin Agreement.
Trump’s travel restrictions get shot-down a second time. the activists and paid agitators and government stooge organizations are doing everything possible to defeat a democratic mandate and frustrate the restriction of even one person being able to come to the US. If they truly thought they were representing Americans, they would just simply say “we want open borders”, but that of course would require both courage and consent from the electorate.
The largest issue in the Brexit debate was regarding what happens to the 3 million EU citizens currently living in Britain when the UK finally leaves and ends “freedom of movement”. Almost all UK political parties and EU member states have been saying that before the Brexit process begins, EU nationals should be granted the right to stay in the UK. But why? Of course it is a sad thing to use people as bargaining chips, but uncontrolled immigration from the EU was the driving force of Brexit. And as much as I personally would like to see a fair reciprocal arrangement for both EU nationals in the UK and UK nationals in the EU, the very basis of negotiation is that nothing is conceded unnecessarily.
But it’s not all doom and gloom. At least one Western nation seems to be taking immigration and human rights responsibilities seriously: Australia.
A few years ago, Australia had its very own migrant crisis; people were travelling to their shores illegally on boats to claim asylum (from safe countries btw), and many died during the crossing (almost exactly the same situation is happening now in Europe). The Oz government issued orders that any boats would be sent back and that anyone who entered Australia in this way would NEVER be granted any kind of visa, ever. All of a sudden…no boats, and more importantly, no more deaths.
And just this week, Australia announced that it is actually turning people away who turn out to be just economic migrants (under the guise of refugees) or who fail the vetting process. Not only his, but the government are actually seeking out refugees who are at the most risk: Christians and Yazidi Muslims (if you are not familiar with the Yazidi Muslims, do some research, they are open, tolerant, welcoming and forward looking people, as such, they are considered apostates by many other Muslim groups and are therefore marginalized and executed).
If Australia can have a working, humane migration system, why can’t we all? The obvious answer is that our leaders clearly don’t want it.

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5 thoughts on “The Current Agenda on Mass Immigration

  1. This is a profoundly stupid article as Australia now lets anyone with a pulse in if its is via a plane and airport. Australia’s treatment of boat people is a diversion and distraction to what is really going on.

    • Not to mention the stupid agreement they made with the U.S. to swap thousands of immigrants (we get muslims they get non-muslims) like they’re a hand of cards. If you can’t see that all immigration into the West since the 1960’s was deliberately done to wage demographic warfare to be where we are today, then I don’t know what to tell ya. It’s clear as daylight. They didn’t call it “white flight” for no reason, but political correctness prevented them from admitting the problem was they didn’t want these people in the first place. The people never got a say on immigration. Another failed government policy.

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