The Deep State Sent A Message, This Won't End Well

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The House Intelligence Committee is moving in to phase II of the investigation, gathering more evidence going after Clinton, the FBI and the DOJ. Carter Page might have been working for the FBI as an informant during another investigation and when it came to Trump they turned the tables on him to get the FISA warrant. Steele goes dark, he did show up to his court appearance. North Korea is being blamed the Japanese crypto heist. This is more propaganda to demonize NK, all info is being pushed by South Korean intelligence. China says they are not building up troops on the border with North Korea.

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2 thoughts on “The Deep State Sent A Message, This Won't End Well

  1. As I keep posting…. Wake Me when these “Investigators” get to 9/11/2001. Remember that “The New Pearl Harbor” incident that USHERED IN ALL this Surveillance State Complex & Real reason OUR Country is in the Condition it’s in right now. I know, I know …the memos, the memos, the memos…… Yawn. Whatever. MAGA!

  2. The deep state must die. They have oppressed us since they killed Kennedy and given us nothing but war and an obscene class of wealthy parasites.

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