The Democrats’ Double Standard on Violence

During a tumultuous week, Democrats pressed hard during a prime time televised hearing to condemn the violence 18 months ago during the Jan. 6 riots while staying mostly muted on the arrest of an alleged assassin targeting conservative Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh over abortion rights.

The performance has many critics seeing a hypocritical double standard.

Liberal Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said Democrats’ Jan. 6 hearings have been staged to be so unfair and one-sided that it reminded him of the work of the late Sen. Joe McCarthy decades ago or a production of the Soviet-era Pravda network.

“This reminds me of my youth, when, at eight o’clock at night, we would watch the House Un-American Activities Committee, or the McCarthy committee, holding spectacle hearings in order to tell one side of the story, never having anybody to present the counter narrative,” Dershowitz told the Just the News, Not Noise television show.

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“But at least in those days, you had an almost equal number of people on the Democrat side,” he added. “Here we have Nancy Pelosi fixing, rigging the committee, making sure that the only two nominal Republicans on the committee are anti-Trump Republicans so that nobody will present a counter narrative. It’s just so Pravda.”

Dershowitz said while Democrats have roundly criticized former President Donald Trump’s speech on Jan. 6 as incitement — comments the law professor said were actually protected by the First Amendment — they have not condemned Senate Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer’s threats to Kavanaugh and Justice Neil Gorsuch that they “will pay the price” for their stances on abortion.


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