The Democrats Won This Round, And It Wasn’t Even Close…

By Michael Snyder
We have just witnessed one of the greatest routs in modern American political history.  We are still waiting to see if a spending agreement can be reached so that a government shutdown at midnight on Friday can be averted, but whether a shutdown actually happens or not, the Democrats have won this round by a landslide.  Even though the Republicans control the White House, the Senate and the House of Representatives, during these budget negotiations the Republicans have backed down on major issue after major issue.  The Democrats are acting like they own Washington D.C., and the Republicans are letting them get away with it.  For years Republican politicians have had a reputation for being gutless and spineless, but in 2017 they are taking their lack of courage to a whole new level.
Since a border wall was the number one issue that Donald Trump campaigned on, many had been anticipating that he would battle hard to get funding for it.  But instead he folded like a 20 dollar suit, and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has admitted to the press that he was anticipating that this might happen

As for the broader funding standoff, “I thought one of two things. I thought he’d either back down. Or he’d do [a shutdown], and it would be a fight we’d win,” said Schumer. “When the president just puts together his own plan, which is almost always hard-right given who the people around him are, he has problems.”

And since the Republicans control the White House, the Senate and the House, many social conservatives believed that this would be the time when Planned Parenthood would finally be defunded.
But that is not going to happen either, and the truth is that the Republicans did not even put up a fight.
On Thursday, the Democrats decided to reach even further.  They warned that they would shut the government down if the Republicans brought a bill to replace Obamacare up for a vote by the end of this week, and within hours  the Republicans backed down

Despite pressure from the White House, House GOP leaders determined Thursday night that they didn’t have the votes to pass a rewrite of the Affordable Care Act and would not seek to put their proposal on the floor on Friday.
A late push to act on health care had threatened the bipartisan deal to keep the government open for one week while lawmakers crafted a longer-term spending deal. Now, members are likely to approve the short-term spending bill when it comes to the floor and keep the government open past midnight on Friday.

Even though the Democrats have already gotten more than they could have ever dreamed possible, they are continuing to make more demands.
As we roll into Friday morning, the Democrats are warning that the government will shut down if the Republicans don’t agree to a bail out for Puerto Rico and billions of dollars of Obamacare subsidies.  An exasperated Trump fired off a tweet that clearly expressed his frustrations with these greedy Democrats

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The Democrats want to shut government if we don’t bail out Puerto Rico and give billions to their insurance companies for OCare failure. NO!

The Democrats are like a football team that is already up 70 to nothing and is still running a no-huddle offense because they want to score even more points.
At some point you have to understand that you have completely embarrassed the other side and that it is time to end things.
If anyone out there believes that I am overstating things, can they please explain to me what the Republicans are going to “win” in this budget deal?
There may be a limited bump in defense spending, but other than that I can’t really think of anything.
My hope is that someone in the Republican Party will eventually grow a spine.  Perhaps it will be Trump, and it was a promising sign when he told Reuters that he is not too concerned if a shutdown actually happens

President Donald Trump downplayed the severity of a potential government shutdown on Thursday, just two days shy of a deadline for Congress to reach a spending deal to avert temporary layoffs of federal workers.

“We’ll see what happens. If there’s a shutdown, there’s a shutdown,” Trump told Reuters in an interview, adding that Democrats would be to blame if the federal government was left unfunded.

This is the kind of attitude that the Republicans needed to have weeks ago.
If the Democrats are going to be exceedingly greedy, the Republicans should simply let the government shut down.  The military and all “essential” operations would continue operating, and a lot of the “non-essential” operations that would temporarily close up shop would be stuff that we don’t actually need anyway.
So I don’t know why the Republicans are so fearful of a government shutdown.  Yes, the mainstream media would say that it is all their fault, but we are still well over a year away from the next elections.  If you were ever going to fight, now is the time to do it.  Instead of being so fearful of the mainstream media, our representatives in Washington should be concerned about what is good for the American people.
If the Republicans are always going to give the Democrats virtually whatever they want, why do we even have elections anyway?
We might as well just eliminate the Republican Party and go to a one party system like they have in China if Republicans are never going to actually ever do anything for us.
To me, it seems like the Democrats are almost secretly wishing for a government shutdown so that they can score some political points with the American public.  The Republicans should proudly stand united behind a bill that includes funding for a border wall, that defunds Planned Parenthood, and that completely eliminates all Obamacare subsidies and then let the Democrats force a shutdown by blocking it in the Senate.  At least that way the American people would be able to see that it is the Democrats that are to blame for any shutdown.
Instead, the Republicans have been groveling at the feet of the Democrats as if they are their masters, and it has been a horribly shameful display to watch.


8 thoughts on “The Democrats Won This Round, And It Wasn’t Even Close…”

  1. What is this fixation on Planned Parenthood? Obamacare? Just taking things away because they don’t like them? And please don’t point to Women who don’t support PP as if they are a majority. They AREN’T! Ask your mom/wife/sister/aunt/daughter what they think. It would appear those against, have either gone on to Menopause or are too young to remember “back alley abortions”. Where desperate Women died with regularity. A Majority of Women SUPPORT & APPRECIATE the services provided by PP. As abortion takes up only a very small percentage of the Services they offer.
    Obamacare was fine when it was ORomoneycare, what happened? I know, it was proposed by the “Magic Negro” (according to Rusty Limplog) so it must be abolished! People be damned! “Repeal & Replace with what”? Well, we now know “what” it is, and it’s worse! Great!
    Seeing these screeching “news” opinion articles is really getting tiresome. They serve NO REAL PURPOSE. Offer NO solutions either. Just a bunch of “word meatloaf”! without the meat.

    • Dude, wrong article, but, when over 50MM babies are killed, vivisected and sold for parts. Even I have a problem with that, because those same people are doing the same thing for Chicago “gun” murder victims for a while now, and since that was last year’s news, it may have gone nationwide, like Chicago’s Mob Boss Mayor taught the others how to use 2 books for taxes, one for the public and the other for their offshore bank accounts.
      And no cold, a majority of women don’t support mainstream feminism nor abortion as birth control. The real issue with abortion, is once a life is created, so are the right to life of the unborn child, and the father’s rights to protect that life…in this Western velvet mafia death cult, THAT’S never dared spoken. Your body your choice? Yeah, you’re the gatekeeper NOT the warden. Once you give access to your reproductive system, and life is created, you are now only one of the parties to the issue. Whoopsie.

    • You must be Pro-murder! Klanned Parenthood should never get one little fake US penny to murder children or sell their little baby parts. How would you like it if I came over to your house, ripped the leg off your five year olds Barbie doll, then sold it for .99 cents plus tax? You would be angry, call the police, you and your daughter would attend “Barbie Doll Assault Therapy” and later on when your daughter was pregnant with your first grandchild you could suggest which abortion clinic provides the most economical price for murdering unwanted children who had absolutely nothing to do with their lives being created. They just were not wanted and you deemed it more feasible to murder your grand daughter
      so you would not have to babysit her and watch it snow together! Meanie! Damn that Santa Claus crap anyway! There are better things to do with money than spending it for silliness such as LOVE on a cute Lil’ grand child! Please advise others on how to dispose of little mean kids who are always getting into things and making us laugh! Who needs them; “Right? They are a dime a dozen anyway. At least their fetal tissues are. I do not know how much a small heart or baby blue eyeball is. Each one is an individual thing and no two are alike in creation. Later! You make me sick!

        • Well Doris I am sorry for you if you believe the earth to be flat. Do you know what is long, black, shaped like a cigar, and seamen come out from it? A submarine! Did you ever see the interior of Ray Charles’s limo? Neither did he! Do you know what June Cleaver said to Ward Cleaver the next morning? She said Ward: “I think you were just a little bit rough on the Beaver last night! Finally, “Why did God create mankind? To love and worship Him because He created all things both seen and unseen. Good night until we meet again.

  2. You don’t seem to get it. Democrats did not win; they are all on the same side. It is “those who have” vs “those who have not”.


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