The Difference Between Democrats and Republicans – Protesters Jump On Car, Smash Windows, Taunt Drivers: “I bet you want to run me over.”

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Black Lives Matter activists blocked a street in Sacramento, California during a protest about the shooting of Stephon Clark by police. A reporter took video of the protesters jumping on the car and yelling, “Bitch!” at the driver. As the car sped off, someone smashed out the rear window.

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A reporter said that the woman in the car said something to the protesters so they attacked her. The crowd shut down the road and remained in the road blocking traffic except for some slow-moving vehicles. At one point, the protesters got on their knees with their hands up.

The police video released shows the man killed by police climbing over a fence and moving towards his grandparent’s house.

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Another video posted to the Sacramento Bee shows a man taunting drivers: “I bet you want to run over me”

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