The Dividing Lines are Not Race – But Political

by Mark Angelides

No matter how much the political elites would like it to be so, America (and in fact much of Europe) is no longer politically divided by race. Of course there are demographic trends, but these are not divisions; what is really causing the split is the vast chasm that is seen to exist between the Left of politics and the Right.
Before we get too hung up in terminology, I use the terms Left and Right only in their more historical sense. There is a huge amount of crossover; but here I refer to the “Stated Political Divisions” of our Elected leaders.
It is part of a plan to create even greater division that the Elites use the term Left and Right. They each come with certain connotations that are either negative or positive (depending on which side is “slinging”). When the Left refer to the Right, they want the listener to think “Fascist”, “Racist”, “Bigot” and, of course, “White”. And when the Right refer to the Left, they hope the listener will hear “Socialist”, “Moocher”, “Anti-American” and “anti-White”. Their game playing ahs reached such a pinnacle, that the vast majority is programmed into just this reaction. And this is what creates the divide.
This is all a method of control to create armies of compliant “warriors” who will feel an inbuilt hate towards the other side. This is no exaggeration that you can find “online folk” who quite literally think that anyone on the Right is “evil” and anyone on the Left is “stupid”. Now, of course, there are people on both sides who are evil, and people who are stupid (and in some lucky case: both!), but the vast majority of folks are neither.
We are being lead through a dark forest of memes and coded language to a place where we can no longer identify with other humans who don’t share our exact political philosophies…And this is intentional.
The more divided we are, the easier it becomes for either side of the same coin to get into power. If we stopped dividing ourselves into “follower classes” we might realize that there is only one clear division: The political class and the voters. If we started to accept that we’ve all been tricked, we might start demanding that one side or the other (because they really are the same side) finally offer us a politics that works for all.
Until we stop allowing ourselves to be purposely divided, we will continue to not have access to our full political power. Remember, Divide and Conquer was only ever used on enemies…think about it.