The Divisions on the Right: New Right vs. Alt-Right

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by Robert Carbery
The Alt-Right has been a term that has triggered the Left in America. There are many misconceptions about who is involved in this new and polarizing movement. But it is growing in mentions in the media because it is growing in prominence. However, there are many different sections of the Alt-Right and it is very different from an even newer movement called the New Right.
Ali A. Akbar in Medium wrote an enlightening piece recently differentiating the two and detailing who they really are.
The New Right is a populist and nationalist coalition of disgruntled Republicans, put off Democrats, contrarians, meme lovers and producers, and other disappointed conservatives. They are united by the belief that the status quo big government as usual policies pouring out of DC over recent decades has not worked. This group helped push President Trump over the finish line last November and has coalesced since his monumental victory over crooked Hillary Clinton.
Its ideological bases have yet to be quite defined. The New Right refuses to be called “far right” or “traditionalist,” instead opting for a love of America first through a conservative lens. Paleoconservatives fighting for tradition, limited government, Western values and religious/national identity are not exactly main groups clustered in the New Right. In fact, this new cultural movement is a more centrist mix including both cultural libertarians and fiscal conservatives. They essentially reject social conservatism and are wholly against nation building abroad.
The New Right in America is “right-leaning, moderate, and populist,” according to Akbar. I see myself in this wing of the conservative-libertarian cluster fed up with the failing Republican Party that has stood for nothing along the lines of shrinking government or slashing spending. The New Right is still figuring things out and Jack Posobiec is referenced as one of its leaders spreading his message via social media.
The Overton window could likely lead many members on the right wing of this nation to the more identitarian movement known as the Alt-Right. Liberal outlets continue to conflate the New Right with the Alt-Right, despite the fact that they are both quite different.
Sure, the Alt-Right has many white supremacists and white nationalists, but that does not mean they all are. There is nothing at its root racial or bigoted about nationalism. It is patriotic to want what is best for your country. It only makes sense to fight for what you think is right.
Richard Spencer, heralded as the leader of the Alt-Right, is a white nationalist that is fine with a massive federal government. Interestingly enough, Spencer and others on his side are perfectly fine with having a single-payer healthcare system and even a welfare state.
Akbar wrote, “The Alt-Right is an identitarian movement, while the New Right refuses to put ethnic identity at the forefront of its movement. Clearly, these are not the same movements.” They are certainly not the same. They both came together to help get Donald Trump elected last year. But now that they are facing reality together in this new post-election age, they are now coming to terms with how different they really are.
“The Alternative Right” apparently began way back in November 2008, when the Right was soundly defeated by Barry O. Shortly thereafter, the Tea Party was born and the Alt-Right seemed to disappear for a bit. The New Right came to fruition at the end of 2016 after the election of Trump. The media has of course used the Alt-Right as a tool to divide Trump’s base and paint them as a cabal of idiotic racists when in fact that is far from the case.
Steve Bannon, now back at Breitbart, once said, “we’re the platform for the alt right.” Yet, in an upcoming 60 Minutes interview, Bannon will reportedly be saying, that there is no room in America for neo-Nazis, Confederacy lovers, and KKK members, imploding the mainstream media-driven narrative that Trump’s base consists of these actually deplorable people. When it came to light that the Alt-Right was for a white ethno-state, big government, and fascism, interest fell off for some time from many Republicans looking for something else. Yet, the Charlottesville tragedy that the mainstream media paints as a defeat for the Alt-Right has actually turned into quite a victory for this growing movement that the status quo elites in the media and politics are trying to quash.
Groups such as Identity Evropa (IE) are seeing surges in applications to join in the aftermath of Charlottesville and other outrageous acts by the callous Antifa thugs. IE is “a generation of awakened Europeans … Who oppose those who would defame our history and rich cultural heritage. In a time when every other people are asserting their identity, without action, we will have no chance to resist our dispossession.” And resist we much. But for real, if Black Lives Matter are seen as a viable entity then why not IE? It’s not racist to assert one’s identity and recognize that there is a difference between races and cultures.
IE is one of many strong and growing groups within the Alt-Right. The New Right is regularly called “alt-lite” because they have a more conservative view on the size and scope of government. I agree with the Alt-Right’s views of prioritizing identity and promoting/defending our culture, however, I am likely more in line with the New Right’s less militaristic government policies.
The media is ridiculously lazy. CNN and others are focused on the Alt-Right that is a small but growing section of our political existence because they view them as a threat. The hysteria over the Alt-Right has been a pleasure to witness, but in turn, many other small government conservative voices have been lost in the clamor.
The Alt-Right are not the bad guys but they are to be inspected closely by anyone concerned the big government policies and unsustainable trajectory stemming out of our nation’s capital. We need to change things in DC and President Trump is doing the best that he can but he is running into many realities that are quite disheartening.
Trump is not really a conservative at heart. But he has been the New Right and the Alt-Right’s champion. But will he be able to deliver in this polarized time?
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2 thoughts on “The Divisions on the Right: New Right vs. Alt-Right

  1. I would classify Jack P as Alt-Lite because he doesn’t really embrace race realism, but overall he’s decent. Way to mention Identity Evropa in relation to BLM. Why can’t whites advocate for their interests? Because “muh slavery.” The New Right/AltRight is growing exponentially despite the post-Charlottesville narrative that we are done.

  2. The so-called alt-right which is actually right leaning libertarian leftist infiltrators has never been part of the ”new right” as you call it. So your lie in the ”divided right” is just that a LIE.

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