The economy is ‘booming’… but most Americans can’t cover a $1,000 emergency

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Crux note: Lately we’ve been bombarded with rosy headlines about the U.S. economy.
Stocks are ripping… real estate is soaring… unemployment is at a 17-year low.
But behind the euphoria of economic headlines and government stats, something just isn’t quite right in our economy today. Crime is setting records in places like Baltimore and Chicago. Credit-card and household debt are at record highs (even higher than 2008).
Today, we see another example of just how “strong” U.S. consumers are today. According to the report below, only 39% of Americans could afford an unplanned expense of $1,000 today.
Does that sound like a booming economy to you? Does it even sound like a healthy economy?
According to Porter Stansberry, this is no accident. Rather, it’s what he calls “the biggest scam ever perpetrated against the American people.” Learn all about it… and what you can do about it right here.

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From CNNMoney:

Life happens: A broken-down car. A leaky roof. A broken bone.
If you were hit with a $1,000 emergency, would you be able to cover it?
For the majority of Americans, the answer is no.
Only 39% of Americans say they would be able to pay for a $1,000 unplanned expense, according to new report from Bankrate.
“Even though unemployment is down and there’s been a recent uptick in wages, we aren’t seeing the needle move savings,” said Greg McBride, chief financial analyst at Bankrate.
Unexpected bills aren’t uncommon. More than one-third of households had a major unplanned expense last year, the survey showed, with half of those costing at least $2,500.
Nearly one in five Americans said they would put the expense on a credit card, the report stated, which usually makes the cost even higher as you pay off the interest.
That’s why experts usually recommend you have an emergency fund.
“Having that emergency savings fund will help you sleep at night before and after that unplanned expense,” said McBride.
He recommended having six months of living expenses to help blunt the financial blow of a surprise bill. While that can seem like an insurmountable goal, every little bit helps.
“In the last recession we had nearly 7 million people who were out of work longer than six months,” noted McBride. “To someone who doesn’t have any or very little extra funds, accumulating six months of expenses sounds like climbing Mount Everest, but that is the destination.”
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5 thoughts on “The economy is ‘booming’… but most Americans can’t cover a $1,000 emergency

  1. Just a year ago I read numerous articles that most people couldn’t come up with $400 for an emergency. Now today it’s up to $1,000.
    That’s a BOOM to me.

  2. Of course the zionist run media will LIE about the true condition of the zionist hijacked jew.s.a. They have been doing that since the civil war. LIE. LIE. LIE. The stock market, the real estate market is phony a hell. Ove 7 million STOLEN homesa re owned by the criminal coprporation called the “fed.” REAL unemployment is around FORTY FIVE %. This is all they know: deceit, manipulation, and endless fraud. When the coming revolution finaly explodes across the 50 states, all this hideous, evil, perpetual deceit will end, just like those who made it all happen, wil also end. JUSTICE – is coming…

  3. When are the American people going to get the truth. The unemployment rate is through the roof , homeless across the country has reached economic depression levels and those that have jobs have not seen their real income go up accordingly since the 1990s.

  4. The culture in current day America is to blame. Debt Slavery is encouraged by TV commercials, and peer pressure. The prices on all things domestic are outrageously high. The average house is now over $100,000 whereas 15 years ago one could find decent dwellings for $45-50,000. The prices of everything has been inflated. Probably due to the falling dollar.
    The cultural causes is the addiction to electronic devices for social media. Putting $1000 on ones credit card for a phone is downright stupid. So is going into debt for a $50,000 new automobile when one can buy used for half of that.
    As long as the public pays the price the price will stay high.

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