The FALL Of Wells Fargo! – The COLLAPSE Of The Banking System

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the inevitable collapse of the banking system as they continue to get more and more desperate to prop up their pyramid while scandals are revealed on a regular basis.
Wells Fargo is one bank that has had so many scandals in the past few years that it’s truly incredulous that they’re still operating. From millions of fake accounts, repossessing people’s cars and homes with fake mortgages and fake insurance, the list goes on.
Recently in Dallas, many people found their way into a Wells Fargo meeting to tell the interim boss C. Allen Parker what they thought of him and the bank itself. It was not pretty.
The public is waking up to the banking system and the banking system cannot escape its past. It’s not just Wells Fargo. Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank merging is another example of the desperation of the banking system as their entire complex collapses at the foundation.
The banks are bankrupt. Their balance sheets show their cash to deposit ratio at dramatically low levels. The currency they’re printing, indebting the populace is being met with opposition by the populace after years of destroying the middle class and creating a perpetual paradigm of debt and dependence.
The banks are desperately attempting to create their centrally planned cashless society with governments world wide. They think it will stop bank runs and avoid the inevitable a little bit longer, but people are breaking free from that system. The banks are the old guard. People are utilizing cryptocurrencies and blockchain infrastructure technology. They are educating themselves. They are protecting their purchasing power. They are stacking gold and silver. They are doing what they should. At least, enough of them to disrupt the entire banking system anyways…

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