The FBI Trying to Get Back Into the Good Graces of Normal People

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by Chris Black

Don’t be fooled.  The FBI is responsible for every police officer killed by black criminals due to hesitation to act. 

The threshold is very low to trigger an FBI “civil rights” investigation when the suspect is black. As we saw with Derek Chauvin, you will not only be arrested, but also railroaded with your life ruined. 

Any beat cop who is paying attention and has had his department harassed by the feds over stupid shit like allegedly throwing a Slurpee at a POC (an actual FBI investigation going on against the Louisville police dept.) will tell you the same thing: the FBI is a big reason for the record numbers of police officers being shot on the job.


See also  Joe Biden: "This new 'African Ban,' is designed to make it harder for black and brown people to immigrate to the United States."
See also  SR-FINRA-2021-030. FINRA is trying to alleviate the impact of trades by introducing delayed treasury spot trades and allowing for higher visibility of trades by giving them a special flag. Bloomberg did not like that, because it "could lead to significant information leakage".

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