The Fed Will Cause the Next Financial CRISIS! Bankers Predicting Recession in 2019!

I totally forgot to mention it but the “bankers predicting” refers to a report I’ve showed you here for before. It was either a chart from Morgan Stanley or BOAML. They suspect that everything will reverse by the end of 2019.
Do you expect that the QT policy of the Fed to negatively impact the stock market?


It’s an absolute fact, the Federal Reserve has created a system of perpetual debt and the inability to ever reverse their policies while maintaining order. But of course this was always the intention. Ensure that people are indebted through the systems they have created, then create a crisis every few years intentionally by drying up liquidity. Use the crisis to have the elite buy up assets for pennies on the dollar. It’s a genius plan.


AAPL 190.29 0.38 0.20% : Apple Inc. – Yahoo Finance

QT fig 1.jpg (584×447)

QT calendar.jpg (890×813)

[ Press Release ] Fitch: Carillion Debt Classification Loophole May be Widespread

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More Americans are forced to “reside” in their vehicles – CBS News

Autonomous indoor drone surveillance system developed – Story | WNYW


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