The FISA / text classified release and the media

by pilgrimboy

I could be wrong, but it seems to me that Trump calling for the release of the classified documents and texts in the run up to the Russian investigation is huge. The biggest story going right now. Bigger, by far, than the Kavanaugh story. (the White House statement –

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With the Democratic leadership opposing it, it’s even bigger. (

But it’s not being covered. At all.

Drudge doesn’t mention any of the story on his page. It’s missing from CNN. Washington Post has a negative story below the fold on their digital front page ( New York Times is silent. Fox News has an opinion piece on it (

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That’s it.

Out of the big news places, that’s the coverage.

Am I wrong in thinking this may be one of the biggest stories of our time? The fact that the Dems oppose the release make me think that even more.

edited to add: I’m talking about placement on their frontpages. What editorial decides to give importance to.