The Global Cashless Society Will Create Disastrous Economic Crisis!

The Cashless Society. It’s creeping up at an increasing pace. The reason I love cash is that the transaction takes place between two people. That’s it. Nobody else knows about it. It’s freedom in a sense. When it’s digital, maybe it’s more convenient, but it’s not secure at all. You have multiple parties who are aware of the transaction. Might seem not very important to some. But to me it’s really important. What do you think about the CASHLESS SOCIETY?


Cash is disappearing. And it’s disappearing fast. All around the world we are seeing more digital transactions and less cash. Just in the last 20 years there has been a massive leap towards a cashless society. This is one which government absolutely favor in order to be able to track every transaction. Centralizing control is extremely important to their ultimate goals. Are you in favor of the cashless society?


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