The Globalists Are Closing Ranks On Donald Trump – They’re Moving To The End Game

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by Mark Angelides

The leaders of France, Germany and Italy have banded together to tell Donald Trump that there will be zero negotiation on the Paris Climate Accord as a show of unity and “strength”. But the sad fact is, that even if they agreed to negotiate, the Accord has no substance and therefore it would be impossible to negotiate anyway.  
This is all part of a larger game plan to distance European nations from the US because the European Union is looking to create a full army and nuclear capabilities (this is not just since Trump came into power, it has been openly discussed in the EU for many years). The only thing standing in the way is the European people. They do not want the undemocratic EU to have control over weapons of such destructive capabilities. So they must be scared and coerced into wanting it. And this is how they will use Donald Trump to do it.
The Climate Accord has two main requirements. The first is that each joining nation has to pledge to set a reductions target, the second is that reports on these targets must be submitted on a regular basis. But there is no punishment, nor consequence of NOT actually achieving the set target. For example, let’s say Country X sets a target of 28% reduction in carbon emissions over the next 5 years. Each year they present a report saying how close they are to achieving that target. They have successfully completed their part in the agreement. However, consider that if they actually increased their carbon emissions year on year by 10% (or even more), yet still filed their report, they would not be in breach of the Accord. And the punishment would be nothing!
So what is the point of nations signing up to this accord besides the privilege of showing everyone how environmentally conscious you are? Trump knows this, and that’s why he pulled out. But the main thing is that the Globalist rulers in the EU EXPECTED him to. They in fact, wanted him to.
There will never be a negotiation because there are no punishments or real contractual obligations…What could he possibly ask for when no one is expected to do anything other than write down a random number and file a report on how close you are to that number year by year?
They want to be able to announce to the press and the world that Trump’s actions mean that they can no longer rely on full US support, therefore, they must move forward with a nuclear deterrent that can be used for the “security of all European nations”. This was the plan all along. A quick Google search of “European Union Nuclear Weapons” will give you link after link saying that the European people can no longer rely on the US to protect them…But the vast majority of these are dated from the 20th of January onwards….It is not a reaction to Trump’s decision this week, but a long term plan that is just now coming to fruition. Smoke and mirrors.

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20 thoughts on “The Globalists Are Closing Ranks On Donald Trump – They’re Moving To The End Game

    • It was “non-binding” in the same sense that the US federal income tax is “voluntary.”
      It’s “non-binding/voluntary” up until the moment you decide you don’t want to do it.

      • That was the intended con which Trump flushed.
        They needed American muscle to beat those who would dare to assert that standing into line, without that flex the con dies a natural death especially with a US President that may side with parties that decide to walk.
        That’s what they’re really all worked up about; the lack of an enforcer. Can you see the huge grin the Russians and Chinese have on their faces?

  1. This is proof that the EU has no intention of negotiating in good faith, and was focused entirely in ripping-off the American Taxpayer. Their facial expressions and body language said it all when President Trump made the announcement.
    & now, most of their ‘players’ are on U.S. Soil at the up-coming Bilderburg Meeting.
    For such a treasonous act of trying to overthrow our duly and lawfully-elected President, the Bilderburg Meeting attendees should be arrested for conspiring against the United States of America whilst on U.S. Soil, and against the President of the United States of America!
    They should have their Diplomatic Immunity removed, and they should be detained pending a Grand Jury Hearing!
    Thank God for President Trump!

    • Exactly, this shows they have no interest in “protecting the earth from climate change”, it’s just a wealth redistribution shakedown.

    • That’d work but for one thing, the deep state owns that process and those people (the Bilderbergers), there assembled, own the deep state.

    • The jews are the ones ripping us off and you know that and so give us this distraction. kike

      • jews are not gods. There is no “jews control the Earth” conspiracy, it is another dis-info tactic. jews are communists and cannot be trusted, but they play for their own team, changing partners where they see the advantage. THAT is the reality.

  2. We also miss out on sending $34billion a year of our tax dollars into, what sounds to me like a Global Clinton Foundation to help China, India and whatever 3rd world nations are willing to use those funds for vague environmental causes and contracts. The whole thing is a swindle and people who are screaming about Trump pulling out are either naive, or stood to profit from it

  3. The EU Army’s purpose is not to fight Russia or terrorism. It is designed to keep member states from leaving the EU. Yet, still there is NATO, and we have bases all over Europe. Not a good scenario. Europe is a powder keg.

  4. This is madness. The Sun is the prime mover of weather on Earth. How do these Globalists and assorted Leftists explain the Medieval warming period when there was no industry to blame? How do they explain the 1930’s were warmer? How do they explain the cooling period of 1968 – 1975? How do they explain there has been no warming since 1998?

  5. The ‘Star of David’ centering this EU flag image, in lieu of the ‘hammer & sickle’, would be more accurate and appropriate.

  6. George W pulled out of The Kyoto Agreement in 2001. Over the next five years or so US reduced emissions by 18%. EU is a crumbling hive of Globalist banker puppets using the “global warming” scam to line their own pockets. Trump knows what’s going on.

  7. Interesting theory, however unlikely. The main issue has always been global communism, aka “Globalism.” Europe is becoming islamic and fragmented. The EU will not exist in 10 years or less.

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