The Globalists are Out for Le Pen: Can She Hold them Off?

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by Mark Angelides

They’ll either try to defeat her through the Polls or through the machinations of the government and judiciary, whichever seems most expedient at the time. Marine le Pen, leader of the French national Front, despite leading in all major polls may yet fail to clinch the election as France’s next President. Is it due to lack of popularity? Are the French people finally accepting their fate as the dumping ground of the world’s economic migrants? Or is that the system is in such fear of the “Great, Global Revolution”, that they will do literally anything to stop its continuance?
In December of 2015, Le Pen resent images that showed violent images of ISIS members. At the time she was covered by her parliamentary immunity (a right afforded to all members of the European parliament), which meant she was free to “distribute violent images” in the name of informing the people she is elected to represent. But now, the Parliament that granted her this immunity formally announced on Tuesday that this immunity will be lifted to allow her to be prosecuted by the French authorities.
They did it with Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, and now they’re doing it in France to Marine Le Pen.  If they can’t win fairly at the ballot box, they’ll use the establishment and the judiciary to bring down those that oppose them.

It is surely no coincidence that 14 months after the distributing of images, a French prosecutor has suddenly got it into his head to prosecute someone for something that at the time, they had immunity from. The purpose of this immunity is to allow members of parliament to speak openly and inform the electorate (and citizenry). In what universe can you give someone immunity, and when they use it in exactly the manner intended, take it away and prosecute them? Well it’s this one, isn’t it?
This plot exposes the very worst of the elites. We can accept propaganda. We can accept the petty little lies and disingenuous phrasing (a la Obama). And we can even accept the media onslaught against those who the establishment opposes. But we can’t, and shouldn’t, accept is the persecution of those that seek to represent us. It is what fascist and totalitarian regimes have done since their birth, remove, imprison and prosecute those that would oppose them. this is not just an assault on a popular French politician, this is an assault on us all. If they can get away with it this time, how long before it becomes the standard method?


5 thoughts on “The Globalists are Out for Le Pen: Can She Hold them Off?

  1. It has been the standard method up until this time. Le Pen is pretty tough and very popular. Barring any “unforseen” circumstances she will lead France in the near future.

  2. The NWO globalists hate Marine Le Pen, pray for her success to lead her France over the sickening freaks infesting all of Europe.

  3. Fillon has also been the target of media assassination tactics to such an extent that his limp wristed turncoat “supporters” have suggested he abandon his campaign. He has hunkered down and pressed on despite the establishment ignoring all legal protocols and placing him in court days before the election. Le Penn has been subject to the same blatant attacks. Left wing liberals are desperate to de-rail the right leaving only Hollandist candidates offering more of the same with gay, Rothschild ex banker, Macron, being promoted as the candidate of choice.He is, naturally, squeaky clean. Fortunately within the French voting population there are those who have lived with political corruption and see it for what it is. The resolute stand of both Le Penn and Fillon in the face of these dirty tricks may well expose the establishment for what it is and what it offers and ironically improve the chances for Le Penn.

  4. The special interests, EU, the establishment and some media are against her
    by discrediting her integrity but they will not succeed.The people want
    real change and want her to be next President. France needs her to
    bring the country to the right direction for economy stability, jobs,
    immigration reform, strong border security and get away from the useless
    EU and bring France to a great nation of laws and order for a better
    democracy and good life.

  5. If she wins it’s all over for the stinking EU and the tens of thousands shirt lifting poofters and bulldyke parasites will be obliged to find employment elsewhere, so they will fight, we know that. But retrospectively removing her freedom to repost graphic images is a bridge too far. I believe she will win and when she does the gloves come right off, France gets out of the EU and uses its Military to round up and evict the Muslim vermin from their beautiful land.

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