The Government is Here to Help You: Broward County Deputy Sheriff Was at Shooting Scene But Stayed Outside

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by Chris Black

If you remember Ronald Reagan, one of my favorite presidents ever, he had a famous saying which goes something like this: The 9 most terrifying words in the English language are: I am from the Government and I am here to help. Truer words have never been spoken. If you were wondering what’s up with the left kicking and screaming about gun control in the aftermath of the Florida massacre, the answer is very simple: they are trying to cover their behinds and follow an occult agenda, that has nothing with our safety and/or security. The thing is, this school shooting has everything to do with leftist (liberal) policies and nothing to do with guns.
First, gun free zones like schools, are soft targets where any nutcase on psychiatric drugs can go and look for his 15 minutes of fame, plus the best body-count he can get, knowing there will be nobody shooting back. And the leftist progressives own the idea of gun free zones, it is their creation. The left fails to comprehend a basic fact: the only ones who abide the laws, in this case gun free zones, are law abiding citizens. Shockingly enough, criminals don’t care about laws.
Now, we learned that the Florida shooter was a nut on psychiatric drugs, with a long history of violence and animal abuse, who was visited by the Broward Country police almost 40 times, but nothing happened. Also, the FBI was notified about this lunatic at least 2 times, but they did nothing. This whole thing has written “government failure” on it, but the left keeps clamoring about their gun control mantra, as if more government would do a better job than it already does.
The icing of the cake is this: we just learned that an armed school officer was at the scene during the Florida massacre, and I am talking about Deputy Sheriff Scot Peterson. This guy was on duty at the  Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School when the shooting took place, but he never tried to rescue the kids and confront the shooter, choosing instead to stay out of the building, like the coward that he is.
We also learned that the Broward County Sheriffs Department basically ignored a warning from one of Nikolas de Jesus Cruz’s neighbors’ son, who revealed that on February 5th, Cruz sent an Instagram message about his plans to shoot up the school. Remember, the FBI also failed to followed up on at least 2 warnings about Nikolas Cruz’s messages on YouTube and social media about his plans to become a professional shooter. This almost looks like the FBI and the Sheriff’s department, together with various law enforcement agencies wanted for such a tragedy to take place, and to use it to advance the left’s gun control agenda.
Broward Sheriff Scott Israel revealed during a presser that his deputy on duty at Stoneman never went inside the school to confront Cruz as the shots and screams from the victims rang out. The deputy stayed outside for approximately four minutes said Israel. Following the massacre, Scott Peterson, the uniformed officer who failed miserably at doing his job, was suspended without pay pending investigation, yet he chose to resign and retire, in order to benefit from a full pension.
Now, ask yourself why the gun control obsessed left wants law abiding Americans to give up their Constitutional rights and leave “security” to the professionals. There’s something else at work here. The Government cannot and won’t protect you. Get a concealed carry permit, get a gun and fight for your rights.

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  1. The whole thing, and others like them smells of a larger issue. What agency in their right mind, if they weren’t following a order or agenda wouldn’t have responded to the multitude of reports on this kid?

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