The Great Relocation: Americans Are Relocating From Major Cities Before 2021 Economic Collapse

A mass relocation from Big Cities is being recorded all across the nation. Migration trends have been considerably intensified during the economic collapse and health crisis, a phenomenon experts named The Great Relocation. Amongst some of the reasons residents are seeking alternative locations to move out with their families are the growing civil turbulence in metropolitan areas, strict lockdowns, and, in some states, high wealth taxation.
However, there are many other factors at play. As more people flee away from once-thriving states, such as California, these states get increasingly impaired by the lack of sufficient labor force, therefore, their growth and economic recovery get considerably compromised. According to analysts, the trend is expected to grow as the sanitary outbreak has reshaped work arrangements and severely damaged the economy of several major cities. That’s what we’re going to expose in this video.
A new report published by U-Haul, which tracked one-way U-Haul truck customer transactions and observed nationwide migration trends, found that the outbreak certainly enhanced the exodus from liberal-run states and metro areas because of higher wealth taxation to conservative states that were more “business-friendly”. A different study from United Van Lines found different patterns, but similar results. The company found that relocation to Western and Southern states from Northern states has accelerated in 2020.
Another survey conducted by the same company examined the reasons why their clients relocated to different states in 2020, and it found that 40 percent moved in an attempt to find a new job, or due to a job transfer. Others moved as a consequence of changes in employment status or work arrangements – approximately 57%, including the ability to work remotely; and 53% disclosed seeking a lifestyle change or improvement of quality of life.
What all of these data signals is how economic collapse response is leading more and more Americans to relocate from liberal-run states, which imposed tighter restrictions, to more conservative states, which introduced looser measures.
The outbreak response has also prompted an uptick in the homeless population, mostly in urban areas. That has caused a surge in felonies, delinquencies, improper public behavior, most notably in New York City, where tens of thousands have been fleeing the metro area to find safer locations for their families.
According to the DailyMail, the exodus has started days after residents of the area revealed plans to sue the city for allocating homeless people in luxury hotels in the neighborhood in a polemic attempt to control the spread of the virus that ended up generating a heated discussion amongst residents and city officials.
Considering the city has failed to properly address a resocialization plan for the homeless, many of them end up on the streets again, and some of them inevitably resumed old disruptive habits, such as drug abuse, public urination, shoplifting, and physical disputes with locals. Several residents started to feel that the city had become an unsafe place for their families, so they decided to move away to live in less turbulent areas.
Never before in modern American history, we have seen such a rapid mass exodus away from Big Cities. In fact, just before the 2020 Great Relocation phenomenon, American migration hit a 73-year low. The fact that millions decided to move in 2020 portrays another evidence of the lack of confidence Americans have been feeling regarding the economy and authorities’ response to the crisis. Many of them are anticipating harder days and more financial setbacks in 2021.
The run for affordable housing, better living standards, and locations with improved safety has been leading conservative states to benefit from the migration trends, while liberal states have been progressively falling into more socio-economic turmoil.
That’s the case of California, which now has more people leaving the state than moving into it. According to a CNBC article, roughly 135,600 more people left the state than moved into it. It’s only the 12th time since 1900 the state has had a net migration loss, and this is the third-greatest relocation documented in the state’s history.
In short, The Great Relocation is an event that outlines many of the hardships faced in the U.S. since the burst of the sanitary outbreak. As Americans are getting increasingly alarmed by the mounting social agitation, and have been experiencing financial struggles for months now, it’s only natural that they want to secure themselves outside of this madness brought by the meltdown. They can already feel that much worse is yet to come, and if you can protect yourself, you should also start right now.

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