The Importance of the Second Amendment

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By Gabrielle Seunagal

Friday marked the first day of this year’s annual gathering of the National Rifle Association convention. NRA leaders and members are meeting at the Georgia World Congress Center on April 28-30 to admire the plethora of guns that embody America’s beloved Second Amendment. I was privileged enough to attend the event today and broaden my horizons. In addition to briefly scoping the exhibit hall, I shot mock air-guns and listened to phenomenal speeches delivered by Chris Cox, Ted Cruz, President Trump, Antonia Okafor, and many others who value the sanctity of life and the innate right to defend oneself.

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The Second Amendment is imperative and must be upheld at all times. Without the right to bear arms, civilians are stripped of power and left at the mercy of tyrannical dictators who masquerade as champions of the people. Liberal elitists incessantly fuss about the supposed danger of civilians having guns, yet they refuse to disarm their Secret Service members and security teams. Anti-gun Democrats rely on the very tools they claim to oppose, yet somehow feel as though the American people should not have this option. The Second Amendment follows right after freedom of speech which should speak to its significance.

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One of the key points made during today’s speeches touched upon relief that Hillary Clinton is not the President of the United States. As Chris Cox stated, for a while, the fate of America was unsure. Clinton would have undoubtedly ripped the Second Amendment to shreds if she managed to claw her way into the White House. The men and women who attended the NRA Convention are patriotic Americans who value the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. The National Rifle Association Convention will continue at the Georgia World Congress Center for the duration of this weekend.


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