THE INSANITY IS REAL FOLKS! NYT: Feds Must Force Middle-Class Americans To Sacrifice Suburbs for Immigrant Housing!

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via westernjournal:

The New York Times has officially gone off the deep-end. And these days, that’s saying something.

On Sunday, the 167-year-old organization announced through its editorial board that it supports the federal government sacrificing the value of millions of suburban houses by injecting poor immigrants into middle-class neighborhoods.

Instead of wanting the government to find an immigration solution that doesn’t put the property of American citizens in jeopardy, The Times said that everyone should stoop to the lowest common denominator.

“The federal government is an irresistible force when it chooses to prioritize an issue. It is past time to prioritize the availability of affordable housing” for immigrants, the editorial, titled “A New Approach on Housing Affordability,” read.

Right, and because the federal government is large and intimidating, they should totally be allowed to bully Americans and infringe on the say-so of local governments. Give me a break.

American citizens shouldn’t have to sacrifice their freedoms because the government can’t control an influx of immigrants.

Throughout the piece, a few major topics were mentioned — all of which share a simple solution.

The first issue mentioned was housing is becoming more expensive, citing that a “growing number of Americans are struggling to cope with the high and rising cost of rental housing in the United States.”

The editorial board proposed that the federal government work to push local governments into “allowing small-scale apartment buildings in single-family neighborhoods.”

The second issue brought up was the idea that suburban homes increase “the cost of housing by limiting the supply of available units.”

“It contributes to climate change, by necessitating sprawl and long commutes. It constrains the economic potential of cities by limiting growth,” the editorial board added.

That brings up real estate investors, who happen to make their living off influxes of outsiders and newcomers. According to Breitbart’s Neil Munro, a lobbying group for investors recently admitted that “mass migration helps investors in major coastal cities.”

The last suggestion that The Times made was in support of subsidized housing in suburban neighborhoods — yes, the same Section 8 housing that crowds poverty-stricken, urban areas.

“Poor children raised in economically diverse neighborhoods thrive by comparison with those raised in concentrations of poverty, yet subsidized housing tends to be built in neighborhoods with high levels of poverty,” the editorial board wrote.


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