The left needs to give up “pride” and “trans”

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by AC

Simply put, both are losing issues that most reasonable citizens can’t get behind. The refusal to acknowledge this, the constant pushing of these 2 agendas is blocking progress and stability in our society.

Think of it like this…

There is a tree in my yard with a massive defect in its trunk. Otherwise, it’s a fine tree. Gives shade, whatever. Animals live there, birds, etc. It’s a tree.

I accept this tree. But it could be weak and might take out other, healthier, more normal trees.

I’m not going to cut the tree down. It serves a purpose. It has some beauty. It supports life.

But I don’t want other trees like it. I’m not thrilled about the tree. Im not proud of it.. If all the trees were like this, my yard would be a disaster.

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But, I accept the tree. I leave the tree alone. The tree is fine.

That’s where we need to get to as a society. But, not possible with pride and trans. Just too far for most people.

That’s my take anyways.

These two issues are holding us back. Making the right entrench more. Destabilizing societal norms.

Can we at least acknowledge that as some sort of compromise?

Obviously people can have prid buty celebrating is a different matter, it’s just trolling and gaslighting.

Is it really much different than a white power rally? It’s an “in your face” effort. It’s unseemly. It’s gross.

As for trans, do your thing. But don’t require everyone to play along. As a woman myself, I can assure, most of society doesn’t acknowledge me or pave my way with rose petals. Roadblocks everywhere.

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Not hating, just seeking a detente for this never-ending drama.

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