The logical response to every commie requirement by the Democrat candidates is “you first”.

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by Diggsc

-Equal Pay. Your salary is now lowered to the US national average income.
-Ban Fossil Fuels/Climate Change/Carbon Neutral Home. Your energy use in travel, home heating, cooking, etc., can no longer be from fossil fuels. All utility connections to your home are immediately shut off until that utility can prove to be carbon neutral.
-Open Borders/Sanctuary Cities. Every empty bedroom in your home must contain at least one illegal immigrant, preferably one with a criminal record.
-Ban Guns. If elected, the Secret Service will carry nothing more deadly than a sign that says “Gun Free Zone”.
-Free Health Care. Your health care will come exclusively from health professionals that agree to work for free, and medical centers that agree to provide their services for no charge, using drugs and/or medical devices from non-profit corporations.
There’s no Democratic Party candidate that is willing to live under the rules they want the rest of America to live under.



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