The mainstream media makes everything into right vs left… it’s all divide and conquer.

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by Jim H

I voted for Obama in 2008.  My wife at the time went to a neighboring State to campaign.  We cried when Obama was elected because we saw it as a watershed moment in US history, which in fact it was.  I grew up with openly racist parents and it was and remains my hope to live in a world of equality.  This was a step forward, or so we thought.

Today I feel like I was lied to in so many ways… but that has nothing to do with Black or White.. is about the Globalist agenda to destroy our country, which I did not see at the time.  Members of both parties have signed onto this agenda – and literally the only thing that stands in the way is our Nationalist president.  You don’t have to like him, but it’s not left vs right, it’s Globalism vs Nationalism.  Trump is pushing the US away from the Globalist technocracy… NATO, The WHO, weaponized immigration.  I want my kids to inherit a US with a functioning constitution.  As someone said earlier, ZERO bankers went to jail in the wake of the GFC under Holder’s dept. of justice.  We still live with the remains of that system – a system where Flynn can be railroaded for nothing and made to plead guilty by dirty cops threatening to pull his son into the mess.

I said we look for truth here.. well here’s a big giant dose of truth offered by lawyer John Titus.  If this doesn’t wake you up as to the degradation of the rule of law in our country under the Obama admin… then you need more serious deprogramming than I am capable of providing… and remember.. I voted for Obama.

The Veneer of Justice in a Kingdom of Crime

If you understand how the deep state works, you can see what they are setting up next.  The DC mayor is pulling back her police from the White House, kicking the National Guard out of DC hotels, and asking that the barriers be moved back in closer to the White House so protesters can get closer.  It’s almost like somebody wants to create that scene where protesters finally breach the barriers and start rushing the White House, where surely mass carnage will ensue.  This video will then play on an endless loop on CNN and CNBC.





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