The Mass Media Is Poisoning Us With Hate – The shaping of the public into antagonistic tribes works commercially. It works politically. But it is a recipe for social disintegration.

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Just saw this from Chris Hedges 5/27/19. Has some good takes on the division of the population. Quotes Matt Taibi a bunch, who he had on his show here: “On Contact – The deep rot of American journalism w/Matt Taibb” –

The fact that on most big issues the two major political parties are in agreement is ignored. The deregulation of the financial industry, the militarization of police, the explosion in the prison population, deindustrialization, austerity, the endless wars in the Middle East, the bloated military budget, the control of elections and mass media by corporations and the wholesale surveillance of the population by the government all have bipartisan support. For this reason, they are almost never discussed.

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