The Media Now Saying Elections Are Fake

by Chris Black

Wow, no shit Sherlock?

You’ll remember that they said this was completely impossible in 2020; now it’s a big problem.


At least seven states and Washington, D.C., use wireless modems to transmit unofficial election-night results to their central offices. These modems use telecommunications networks that are vulnerable to hackers, and malicious actors could exploit them to tamper with unofficial vote data, corrupt voting machines or compromise the computers used to tally official results.

“We now have to worry about anybody getting access to a communication network that is fundamentally open,” Matt Blaze, a Georgetown University computer science and law professor w

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If the Democrats don’t have enough fake votes to hoax the election today (this week, actually – they are saying it’s going to last for days), they will say that it’s a hoax.


The Republicans are not going to deliver on their promises, as always, and they will deliver on a bunch of things that will hurt working people, benefit the super-rich, harm the environment and serve Israel.

I welcome a divided government, not because “shared power curbs the worst excesses of both parties,” but purely because partisan dysfunction at the federal level weakens the power and legitimacy of the whole system.

But the Republican Party can go to hell.  At the end of the day they are just as anti-White, and arguably more pro-Jewish and pro-Wall Street than the Democrats


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