The Media reaction to the Texas Abortion Law is concerning.

by TheCicc

From the reaction by the media in regards to the new Texas abortion law, one might’ve thought that abortions were entirely outlawed.

This is what actually happened according to the Associated Press: ”The law prohibits abortions once medical professionals can detect cardiac activity, usually around six weeks…”

From the reaction by the media it seemed like they were stoning women to death for getting an abortion. They made it like abortions were entirely illegal.

Now I understand this law may still make some people upset, and that’s okay. It’s okay to have an opinion in either direction. We all have a moral compass that makes us feel right and wrong.

Now, me personally, I have no problem with this law. I think all life is precious. I feel that if a baby has a heart beat, it would probably be morally unjust to kill it, unless in the case of rape or medical necessity. Abortion makes me feel gross and wrong and sad. But, I am just one man. I realize other people think differently. And that’s the point! We are allowed to coexist peacefully with opposing opinions.

Don’t let the media fool you into hating each other. We’re better than that. I love you all, have a wonderful day.

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AP article on what actually happened in Texas (it’s still biased but at least it doesn’t tell you how to feel)

Misleading posts from the MSM on the issue:

From Vice

From CNN

From The Guardian


The MSM reaction to the Texas Abortion law is horrifying. So many are falling for the trap and hating each other over it. I just wanted to post this to expose the way the media is twisting things around to make people angry. I love you all, stay safe!



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