Went to a wedding in Ontario. It was an OK experience…

e went to a wedding today. In a resort town in Southwestern Ontario. Grand Bend. It was fantastic. Only 50 people were allowed to attend this event, but there were a few more and the staff turned a blind eye because they were not staying for the dinner reception.

Even though masks are mandated in doors the staff didn’t care that most people were not wearing them. No one bothered to wear one when the music started.

It’s not like earlier when Covid started and their were Covid police going to events and charging people for not following the rules.

It’s like yea, we know, we are just getting sick of this bull shit. We know most of you are Vaccinated, so what the hell. Live your life.

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I hate the idea that Covid passports are coming September 22 2021 in Ontario. Since this announcement the vaccine rate has doubled among the younger population of 20 to 35 year old. Exactly what they wanted.

Doug Ford say’s this is only temporary and will stop the passport the minuet he can. Sorry Doug, I do not believe a word you say any more.

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