The Media: The world hates Donald Trump. Reality:

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Trump Arrives at Davos reporter asks “Do you think you’re gonna be well received here?” Trump points to large crowd that was following him “I already am.”

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This is why the UK government is desperate to keep him from appearing in front of uncensored citizens

3 thoughts on “The Media: The world hates Donald Trump. Reality:

  1. Sadly, the media are largely right about this particular thing. Trump is nearly universally hated in Europe. Not so much because of what he does, but because of what the media report.
    It’s much harder to find alternative news in German, French or Spanish than in English — so naturally people there are equally exposed to propaganda, but far less exposed to any alternative voices. Ask an average German about Trump and they’ll tell you he’s a horrible racist fascist who stole the election, wants to nuke Iran, Syira, Pakistan, Turkey and North Korea, and somehow loves Putin but wants to go to war with Russia at the same time.
    Of course people attending the WEF are hardly your normal people (the pricing makes it pretty hard for normal people to get in), so what you see in those pictures doesn’t match what the people on the street are thinking. Also a number of the people trying to take Trump’s picture may just be waiting for him to do something stupid and sell the recording to the media. CNN would probably pay millions for something as stupid as a “Trump farts loudly while entering the WEF” video, and billions for a “Trump looked up European greetings in a 80 year-old dictionary, said Heil Hitler when he saw Germans” video.

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