The Millenials are the most screwed over generation in America and no one talks about it.

‘Rent-For-Sex’: Landlords Exploit Thousands Of Broke Millenials — It is now time to sound the alarm bells on the economic prospects for the Millennial Generation in the Western world

It is now time to sound the alarm bells on the economic prospects for the Millennial Generation in the Western world, but more importantly, in the United Kingdom. This generation of citizens aged 18 to 36, is the first in modern developed economies on course to have a lower standard of living than their parents.
Housing affordability and a decaying job environment are some of the most pressing issues affecting Millennials. The future is bleak for this avocado and toast generation, as Western world economies have likely plateaued regarding economic growth. Surging debt and rising government bond yields are producing an environment that could lead to more hardships for this lost generation.
Landlords in the United Kingdom have taken full advantage of broke Millennials by offering “adult arrangements” for a roof over their heads. Yes, you heard this correctly, Millennials are trading sex for a place to sleep — unearthed in a new documentary by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which provides a chilling insight into just how bad the Millennial generation has it.

This trend also persists in the UK where the Millenials in the UK are the first generation to have it worst than their parents in terms of living standards in centuries.
The Millenials in America are larger in terms of absolute numbers than Generation X and the Boomers, yet we’ve been successively fucked over by both of these generations, but especially the Boomers to the point that none of this nations wealth has trickled down at all past them.
The Baby Boomers could have set up America to have great inter-generational wealth, but instead they squandered it away on useless wars in the Middle East and never ending tax cuts for the rich.
Meanwhile the Millenials are somehow blamed for all of the country’s problems by the mainstream media, as if the Boomers haven’t been there sucking the country dry for the past forty years.
We have so much real estate and land in America, yet tens of millions of Americans can’t even afford a roof over their heads because wages have been stagnant for 40 years, the Boomers broke up all the unions while the Gen X’ers did nothing, and all the while the cost of living has been skyrocketing.

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