The Modern Civilization is Destroying Our Souls

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by Chris Black

The modern world consists of forced universal pacifism supplied with unlimited hedonism. What could go wrong? If we cannot escape this, man must learn to re-wild himself if civilization is to survive.

Culture in itself is basically just a set of group survival tools at its core. When survival is guaranteed in the first world, culture dies., because it is a learned method of survival. 

No struggle = no culture

Even in recent years there used to be youth programs where boys could undergo wilderness survival.

 Now the sanctioned form consists of chemical enslavement to entertainment tapping into survival instincts. Think horror movies, horror games, crafting & survival games and their popularity among young boys. 

It is no wonder why all these groups of teens pop up that focus on hiking, sports, sparring, other training courses etc. and they are demonized for seeking these masculine inclinations.

I’m happier living in a bombed out house taped together with sheet metal, sandbags and airforce pallets than at home with running water and a bathroom. 

The basics are nice to have on demand. But the occasional scrap over the last of anything with a friend is always fun. I was happier in a half dozen Humvees, sleeping in a seat, freezing and burning my ass up. 

Man is happier on a barren mountain with a dozen of his friends fighting to survive and being killed than in a cubicle with every luxury man has to offer.

 How long did the army of Alexander March and fight before they finally told him they wanted to go home?

In the end we yearn to be free and wild despite how tame we have become over generations.

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