Twitter and Reuters Fact Checkers Say the Great Reset has Been Debunked

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by Chris Black

This is Clown World at its best.

It was all just a strange dream.

In 2030, you’ll own lots of things and be miserable.

The World Economic Forum doesn’t even exist, and there is no book by the founder of the World Economic Forum called “Covid-19: The Great Reset.”

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The letters were posted in full. How do you take that out of context? Have we already reset language so words don’t mean what you think they mean anymore? Remind me what book that particular idea was from again?

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By the way, Reuteurs CEO is a board member on both WEF and Pfizer. Fact check that conflict of interest goy.

Just go to WEF’s website. It’s all laid out there (along with their partner list, which includes every major corporation you could name).


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